Bigbluebutton Overview-Week one in CDOT

It is a challenging job to jump into the Big Blue Button Project for a student with limited knowledge and related experience. BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system built on several open source components to create an integrated solution that runs on Mac, Unix, and PC computers.

There are over fourteen open source components which includes Ubuntu, Flex SDK, Ghostscript, Grails, nginx “engine x”, Red5, Apache Tomcat,, FreeSWITCH, Redis, and MySQL etc. Most of those components are pretty new for me. Anyway, I must work hard to dig into it.

First thing I have done so far is to reformat my computer. I installed Windows 7 OS and VMware Player with Ubuntu 10.04. Then I installed BigBlueButton 0.81 on my virtual machine in order to get familiar with this amazing web conferencing system. Through the Demo meeting, I got the opportunity to play with the system.

After I have a Working BigBlueButton Server, I setup a Development Environment
by forking source code from bigbluebutton master repository and subscribing 3 Google groups such as bigbluebutton-dev.

Now it’s time to rock and roll. I need to study Java, JSP, Flash, XML, JQuery and a bunch of other new knowledge in order to become a qualified BigBlueButton developer and contribute as much as possible in the future.



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