BigBlueButton HTML5 Development Environment Setup

On Monday, I had an opportunity to introduce myself to our BigBlueButton developers throughout the world. I am very exciting that I can actually work with people from all over the world. Currently, I am working on the BigBlueButton localization and trying to translate file into Chinese. Hopefully, I could finish the translation during this long weekend.

During the Development Environment Setup, I am getting more familiar with BigBlueButton. Generally speaking, there are lots of pain during my first try because my computer doesn’t meet the requirements. Good news is that I will have a new computer next week.

Step 1

Before I can start developing on BigBlueButton, I need a working BigBlueButton 0.81 server. As the result, the first step is to follow the instruction to Installing BigBlueButton 0.81

Step 2

I need to setup my Github account in order to work with people from all over the world. Chad Pilkey wrote a pretty helpful blog about how to setup the github account. Basically, we should fork the SenecaCDOT-BigBlueButton repository to our own Github account, then clone the repository to our local computer. In addition, use the following command to add bigbluebutton repository as our remote upstream <git remote add upstream>. Keep in mind: Never touch your master branch in anyway. We should not work on the master repository. The best way is creating another branch using <git checkout -b html5-bridge origin/html5-bridge>

Step 3

Setting up the environment is very important. The first thing we need to do is to copy the config.xml file and update accordingly to our installation.

cd ~/dev/bigbluebutton/

cp bigbluebutton-client/resources/config.xml.template bigbluebutton-client/src/conf/config.xml

Replace the HOST in config.xml with your DOMAIN or IP ADDRESS. After setting up the BBB-web, BBB-apps, and BBB-voice, I can install and run HTML5 Bridge component.

In order to work on BigBlueButton HTML5 Development, I must learn backbone.js, JQuery, MVC , and node.js from now.

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