Working with BigBlueButton Github account

As a new developer in Seneca CDOT BigBlueButton project, how to work with project’s github repository is the first issue I have to deal with.The following references might be helpful for those who are not familiar with github:

1: Clone the SenecaCDOT-BigBlueButton repository to your local machine:
git clone

2: Add BigBlueButton repository as your master branch’s upstream:
git remote add upstream

3: Before creating a working branch, make sure your master is up-to-date:
git fetch upstream

4: Create a working branch:
git checkout -b fix-slide-size upstream/html5-bridge
To delete local branch: git branch -d the_local_branch
To delete remote branch: git push origin :the_remote_branch

5: Push your local working branch to SenecaCDOT-BigBlueButton (your origin):
git push -u origin fix-slide-size

6: Send a pull request and leave any comment


If the fix-slide-size is already exist in the origin, you could delete your remote branch (Only if you have the authority to do it, otherwise, you have to create a new branch name):
git push origin :fix-slide-size

Remember: do not work on your master branch, all the development setup for your BigBlueButton must be within you working branch!!!
If you want further explanation, please visit my colleague’s blog:

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