BigBlueButton Conference Management System

Seneca BigBlueButton conference management system is one of the projects that Seneca CDOT BigBlueButton team working on.This is a very handy system for Seneca students and faculties to have online meeting and lecture and manage their event schedules. The following image is a screenshot of the system:


Our conference management system has the following functionalists:

  • Show user’s meetings and lectures in a calendar
  • Create and manage events schedule
  • Create quick meeting
  • Manage users
  • Invite guests to your events
  • Record meetings for later playback
  • Online teaching management including departments,subjects, sections, teachers and students management

If you want to try our conference management system, please go to and login with your Seneca user account.

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One Response to BigBlueButton Conference Management System

  1. prost pierrick says:

    Hello ! Very interesting GUI for bigblueButton, we try to integrate BBB to our university too. Have you release a version ? We could try it ? bye

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