Open Source As A Developer-Recruiting Tool

Time is flying. This is the fifth semester of my education in Seneca College. There is only one more semester to go, and I am going to graduate from Computer Programming and Analysis. Every soon-to-be graduate student starts to look for job, but are you really ready? As a computer programmer, how to get those hiring managers’ attention? Yes, a well prepared resume is the key to get you to a job interview; However, most employers have difficulty to find out candidates’ programming skill in a 30-minutes interview. Normally, interviewees are nervous, they couldn’t code and solve problem in their comfortable ways. As the result, some employers might complain that they couldn’t hire proper people to fit a position. And interviewees couldn’t demonstrate all their programming skills because they don’t have good interview skills. In reality, there is always a gap between employers and job seekers.

Recently, more and more employers start to query talents from open source community. Web companies like Netflix, Twitter and Facebook understand that open source can be more: a powerful weapon for recruiting and retaining top engineering talent. Twitter runs monthly queries on contributors to their open source projects and projects of interest. That’s a very good news for open source contributors. As a job seeker, your contributed code on open source project is your new resume. If you want to find your dream job, why not start to work on one of the 10 million open-source projects posted to popular code repository Github. It allows developers to demonstrate coding skills, collaboration abilities and technology interests. For hiring managers, open-source communities may offer better perspectives on technical and soft skills than a reference.

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