Build Firefox Browser

I really want to build Chrome,but my laptop doesn’t have enough ram to build it. It took me 24 hours and failed. As the result, I decide to go for Firefox. Surprisingly,The Mozilla build instruction is much easier to follow. I have a Ubuntu 12.04 OS running on VMWare, Maybe I can build the Firefox browser on my virtual machine, unfortunately, I failed with a couple of errors and 75 warning messages. Finally, I have to try it on my Windows 8.1 OS, and it only took me an hour to build it.

Step one: Install build prerequisites (Visual Studio, mozilla-build)
Step two: Run start-shell-msvc2013.bat on my Windows Command Prompt

Even if you are on 64-bit Windows, do not use the start-shell-msvcNNNN-x64.bat files (unless you know what you’re doing). Those files are experimental and unsupported.

Step three: Get the source code use command

hg clone

Step four: build it and run it


If you want to save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes before diving into a big project, read the documentation carefully.

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