OSD600 Expands my “Open Source” Thinking

Today is the last day of this semester, and I am still working on my final release of OSD600 project. During the past fourteen weeks’ study in my Open Source Development (OSD600) course, I have learned the technological aspects (advanced JavaScript knowledge, how to use Git, Node.js, and a bunch of popular open source tools such as Polymer,Grunt, and many more), social aspects (how to get help from other open source developers via IRC), and pragmatic aspects (direct involvement in the Mozilla Appmaker project) of developing open source software.

Moreover, this course expands my Open Source thinking. I start to prefer using open technologies rather than exclusive technologies. I value group-based problem solving and prefer tools that allow for social collaboration and sharing. In addition, I am quite comfortable to use existing open source code to solve business problem. Look forward to learning more from OSD700!

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